Mintex ESP Dot 4 Brake Fluid 1L MBFESP4-1000B

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Mintex ESP Dot 4 Brake Fluid 1L MBFESP4-1000B

Mintex® Synthetic ESP DOT 4 Brake Fluid - 1000ml

ESP stands for Electronic Stability Program.Today many medium and top of the range cars are fitted with Electronic Stability Programs as standard.These systems rely on the brakes to deliver their enhanced safety capability (independently of the driver) and therefore it is the brake fluid which links the ESP system to the brakes.

Only a brake fluid combining exceptional viscosity performance with high boiling points can maximise the effectiveness of the ESP system in all operating conditions.

Mintex ESP Brake Fluid also excels in the areas of corrosion protection,rubber compatibility and lubricity.

Meets or exceeds DOT 4 specifications and provides excellent performance in high- temperature braking systems. Recommended for all ABS, disc and drum brake systems as well as hydraulic clutches requiring DOT 4 fluids.

Mintex® Synthetic Brake Fluid is designed to provide a high margin of boiling point protection. The proprietary mix of polyglycol ethers ensures the hot brake system operation will not create dangerous liquid vapour. This delivers braking power when needed by avoiding a spongy peddle. The wet and dry boiling points exceed the minimum government standards. A comprehensive inhibitor package protects vital brake system metals.


- Minimum Dry Boiling Point 265C.

- Minimum Wet Boiling Point 172C.

- Meets or exceeds DOT 4 specifications.

- Substantially reduces the possibility of fluid vaporization and eventual brake failure (as a result of vapour lock) by maintaining a high wet boiling point.

- Recommended for all ABS, disc and drum brake systems as well as hydraulic clutches requiring DOT 4 ESP fluids.

- Compatible with all conventional brake fluids.

- Complies with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 116, Meets SAE Spec, J1703.


1. Clean all dirt from around cover on master cylinder before removing.

2. Fill unit to level specified by manufacturer.

3. Replace cover.

4. Check fluid level once a month.

To Bleed System:

Refer to service manual. Do not re-use brake fluid.

Mintex have been recognised as a leading friction brand for over 100 years, today Mintex is part of the TMD Friction Group – one of the world’s leading automotive friction manufacturers, supplying O.E. friction to manufacturers of cars and commercial vehicles, as well as quality friction products to the global


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