Mintex MDB2851 Front Brake Pads - Ford/Vauxhall/SAAB/Renault/Jaguar

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Brake System: Bosch; Width [mm]:164.7; Height [mm]:66.7; Thickness [mm]:18.9; Wear Warning Contact: incl. wear warning contact; Number of wear indicators [per axle]: 2; Supplementary Article/Info 2: with brake caliper screws

OE/OEM Reference Numbers:

Ford: 13071402, Ford: 1371402, Ford: 1433952, Ford: 1488962, Ford: 1553797, Ford: 1560014, Ford: 1721087, Ford: 1824346, Ford: 6C112K021AB, Ford: 6C112K021AC, Ford: 6C112K021AD, Ford: 6C112K021AE, Ford: 9C112K021AA, Ford: ME6C1J2K021AA, Ford: ME6C1J2K021AB, Padtech: PAD2851, Delphi: LP1954, Mintex: MDK0238, Mintex: MVK0015, Mintex: MVK0016, QH: BP1528, Solid Auto: Q104028, Apec: PAD1475, Belaco: BV1928, Bendix: 573275B, Bettaparts (Abtex-lpb): ABP1235, Bettaparts (Abtex-lpb): PLU1235, Borg & Beck: BBP1964, Bosch: 986494170, Bosch: BP1081, Brake Engineering: PA1698, Brakeworld: BW4201, Brakeworld: VFM4201, Braymann: BBP0303, Breck: 244840070310, Brembo: P24064, Bremsen (Marathon): AXBP2485, Cifam: 8226800, Comline: ADB21512, Comline: CBP21512, Denckermann: B110930, Duron: DBP241928, Eec: BRP1475, Einbach: 5E51019, Fahren: FBP0162, Febi: 16637, Ferodo: FSL1928, Ferodo: FVR1928, Ferodo: FVR1928W, Fremax: FBP-1451, Fte Automotive: BL2043A4, Hella Pagid: 8DB355012761, Icer (Marathon): IC141793, Juratek: JCP112, Jurid: 573275J, Key Parts: KBP1964, Lpr (Italy): 05P1260, Mapco: 6856, Metelli: 2206800, Meyle: 0252448419PD, Meyle: 0252448419W, Moprod: MBP1528, Motaquip: LVXL1318, National: NP2056, Partstrader: A1433952, Partstrader: A1488962, SWAG: 50916637, Textar: 2448401, Trupart: DP41475RS, TRW: GDB1724, Unipart: GBP1776AF, Unipart: HTP1776AF, Valeo: 598816, Veco: VA1726, Vierol Ag (Vaico): V258129, Vierol Ag (Vaico): V2581291

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